MCC meat canning starts year with new canning trailer October 1, 2015
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7 years old, three wars September 28, 2015
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David Bironoka singing September 24, 2015
Two teachers lead a class of little children in a ring, low brick school buildings in the background.
Created by the same God September 23, 2015
A smiling young girl sits on a play matt with a teacher.
New chances for children with disabilities September 23, 2015
A group of men pose for a photograph in a class room with a cross on the wall.
On Assignment: Teacher in Iraq September 23, 2015
Una joven busca inspirar a la juventud September 18, 2015
Propose Tulihabo and other children living in a camp for displaced people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are in school with support from MCC.
Fleeing violence, gaining education September 17, 2015
Young woman seeks to inspire youth September 16, 2015
Profiting from prisons September 15, 2015
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MCC’s help gives Syrians a reason to stay September 11, 2015