December 28, 2017

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Dream Act update

Despite extraordinary advocacy that included fastingmarchessit-ins and civil disobedience, Congress adjourned for the year without protecting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients. DACA protections for nearly 700,000 people will begin to expire on March 5, 2018, but thousands have already lost DACA status and some, such as Osman Aroche Enriquez from Pennsylvania, have been picked up for deportation. A bipartisan group of senators is reportedly working to create a compromise bill, however, concerns persist that it will include additional border security and harmful changes to the asylum and family immigration systems.

Action alert: Tell Congress to support a "clean" Dream Act

ArticleChallenging false narratives about immigrants

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Update created December 28, 2017, by Tammy Alexander, Senior Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs.

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