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Dmarcos was brought as a child to the U.S., without legal status. With help from MCC East Coast immigration attorney Rachel Diaz, he achieved Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status and is now attending university. Dmarcos’ last name is not provided at his request.

October 30, 2017

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The federal government announced on Sept. 5 that the DACA program will be phased out starting in six months. The move shocked Dreamers like Dmarcos and puts nearly 700,000 youth and young adults at risk of deportation, loss of employment and separation from their families. Read more.

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#Faith4Dream Week is October 29 - November 4: Help amplify the call from people of faith across the country for Congress to pass the Dream Act. Interfaith Immigration Coalition resource; MCC Action alert: English | Spanish

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Ohio: Mother of three returns to sanctuary at Columbus Mennonite Church.

California: Governor Brown signed SB54 making California a sanctuary state and SB29, the “Dignity Not Detention Act,” bringing greater accountability to privately-owned immigrant detention facilities.

Virginia: A lawsuit was filed on behalf of unaccompanied immigrant minors detained at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center challenging harsh conditions in the Center.

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DACA / Dream Act: The White House released a long list of demands, in exchange for supporting the Dream Act or similar legislation, which include reduced legal immigration, increased enforcement, more border walls and the removal of protections for unaccompanied minors. The requirements are unpopular with Democrats and many Republicans in Congress. MCC is urging passage of a “clean” Dream ActAdditional resources 

Border militarization: While the White House demanded more border security and a House committee debated the Border Security for America Act with $10 billion for additional border security, a recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report declared “the southwest land border is more difficult to illegally cross today than ever before.” Eight border wall prototypes are nearing completion.

Enforcement: ICE has been conducting immigration enforcement raids targeting sanctuary cities and is preparing to dramatically increase worksite raids. More than 100 Cambodian Americans have been picked up and detained recently. Recent reports detail new DHS policies regarding the collection of social media data on immigrants (Community Advisory).

Detention: While the Trump administration looks to expand immigrant detentiontwo women report losing pregnancies due to inadequate medical care in detention. The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case on lengthy detentions (report) while a federal appeals court considered unfairly high bond amounts.

Central American migration: A new report describes how detention is affecting women seeking asylum. One troubling story details how one woman was tortured and raped after being denied asylum and deported from the U.S. Many children seeking asylum are still not represented by an attorney. Children at one shelter in Virginia are suing the government for harsh conditions there.

Refugee/travel ban: While the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the final case against the travel and refugee bans, two federal courts blocked parts of the new travel restrictions from going into effect. As the original 120-day refugee ban expired Oct. 24, the Trump administration released a new executive order with new restrictions for refugee admissions. Late last month, the administration also dramatically reduced refugee admissions to 45,000 per year, the lowest level ever (MPI commentary | IIC action alert).

Farmworkers: On Oct. 24, a House committee debated the Agricultural Guestworker Act which is opposed by the United Farm Workers and Farmworker Justice

Sanctuary: A victory in North Carolina allowed a mother in sanctuary for 100 days to go home. In Columbus, Ohio, and Fort Collins, Colorado, two mothers under threat of deportation reenter sanctuary.

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October 31: Webinar: Legal reprieve through success in the Sanctuary Movement

Nov. 6, 4:00 p.m. EDT: Interfaith Immigration webinar: Dream Act, Temporary Protect Status (more information coming soon)

November 11-15: Borderlands and migrant trail learning tour

June 4-8, 2018: Immigration law training

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Update created October 30, 2017, by Tammy Alexander, Senior Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs.

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