Spencer Lindsay of Working Men of Christ
MCC photo/Vada Snider

Spencer Lindsay, executive director for MCC Central States partner organization Working Men of Christ (WMC), stands outside one of the WMC discipleship houses in Wichita, Kansas.

In rare moments, life comes around and completes a circle. That very thing happened to Spencer Lindsay, founder and executive director of Working Men of Christ Ministries (WMOC), an MCC Central States partner.

Only nine years ago, Lindsay was an inmate in the Sedgwick County, Kansas jail. After being released from prison, he started WMOC in 2011, a residency program that assists people who have recently been released from prison return to mainstream society.

For Lindsay’s successful work through WMOC and other service to inmates, he was named the 2017 Volunteer of the Year by the sheriff’s office of Sedgwick County, in January 2018.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter presented Spencer Lindsay with the 2017 Volunteer of the Year award in January, 2018.MCC photo/Working Men of Christ

“Currently, I am mentoring 10 inmates in four prisons, including the Sedgwick County jail,” said Lindsay who is commissioned by the Kansas Department of Corrections as a mentor. He also is a minister at the Sedgewick County jail and an ordained pastor of the church, Nu Heart Nu Start.

MCC Central States partners with WMOC by providing returning citizen care kits to the men and women WMOC supports. Volunteers donate the supplies – underwear, socks, undershirts and various hygiene supplies – and pack these kits at our MCC Central States Materials Resource Center. To date, MCC has donated 206 kits to WMOC.

These kits, which Central States just began collecting in 2016, are delivered to the WMOC office in Wichita. Staff members distribute the kits to WMOC’s six houses in Wichita and Topeka that currently house a total of 26 men and women.

“We place each kit on the made-up bed of each new resident that enters one of our six homes,” explains Lindsay. “MCC kits help us to use our limited resources to help pay the bill for them to live with us until they find jobs.”

“I know Spencer’s heart is committed to helping formerly incarcerated men and women find their true calling and purpose in God, and at MCC we are honored to be part of this ministry,” explains Michelle Armster, Executive Director of MCC Central States.