Syrian refugee families living in tents in Lebanon receive fuel from MCC.
MCC photo/Matthew Sawatzky

Syrian families such as this one benefit from an MCC-supported project providing fuel. (Names are not used for security reasons.)

With snow-tipped peaks in the background, Syrians who fled from Raqqa are now living in tents in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. The plastic sheeting offers limited protection from cold winter wind. In response, MCC and The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) are providing heating fuel to families such as this one.

The project provides $50 of fuel each month for four months, covering about half of what it costs this family to heat their tent. The father of the family says that because of the fuel, “Now we’re a little more financially stable. The $50 we can spend on our family.” (Names are not used for security reasons.) 

MCC photo/Matthew Sawatzky

Young people often are in charge of retrieving fuel from where it's stored outdoors to refill heaters inside tents or houses.

From December through March, this project is providing fuel to 243 of the most vulnerable families in the region. Of those, 153 are Syrian refugee families. To help reduce tensions between residents and the many Syrian refugees who have fled to this region, 90 Lebanese families in need also are receiving fuel.



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