As an Anabaptist writing to fellow Anabaptists, I believe we are uniquely positioned in the movement against gun violence….As pioneers of peace, Anabaptists must lead the charge by working with others to interpret the Second Amendment and by creating comprehensive gun policies. Now is not a time for inaction. Instead, this moment calls for adamant refusal to accept the epidemic of gun violence that confronts our country today….

[The] official understanding of private gun ownership within the U.S. contrasts with those of other industrialized coutnries. Comprehensive gun legislation has been normalized in most, leading to reduced accounts of gun violence….In order to terminate gun violence in America, legislators must acknowledge the reality that guns have been intertwined with our nation’s culture to an extent surpassing that of other countries….

An immediate action that can be taken to prevent gun violence is reinstating the 1994 assault weapons ban….We also need policies that close loopholes and make guns less accessible to anyone in the general population….Once arms are purchased, gun owners should be required to report lost/stolen guns. The U.S. desperately needs policies that ban assault rifles from entering the market, close loopholes, and enforce background checks. Making gun owners accountable for their firearms would drastically impact the landscape of gun violence today. We can do better as a nation.