Syria continues to experience hardship as the conflict continues. Relief kits were shipped from MCC to the area in August. We spoke with two of the people involved with distributing materials and financial assistance to internally displaced people through one of MCC's partner organizations, the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches (FMEEC). Majd and Father Walid, from St. Peter's Monastery, coordinate distributions for FMEEC in Syria. Their full names have been withheld for security reasons.

The story of one family

(Photo by FMEEC church partners in Syria)

A ten-year-old Syrian IDP, who lives with her mother and three siblings, helps unload a shipment of MCC material resources at St. Peter's Monastery in Marmarita, Syria. Her father was kidnapped around three years ago and the family relies on MCC's support. Her name has been withheld for security reasons. ​

Majd tells the story about a family that regularly receives money from MCC's partner organization, FMEEC.

"It came with love"

(Photo by FMEEC church partners in Syria)

Father Walid helps to unload material resources to help internally displaced people and affected host communities at St. Peter's Monastery in Marmarita, Syria.

Father Walid talks about the challenges facing Syrians during the crisis and the hope people feel when they receive aid, knowing people across the world are thinking about them.


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