booklets and DVD
MCC photo/Tina Schrag

The Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery resources created by the Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition.

School supplies are out on store shelves, families are anticipating the start of a new school year. Is your church busy preparing for a new year of learning and growing together? Or maybe you'd like to dive deeper into a new topic, challenge yourself or your family to consider something beyond what you've been taught in school.

The Doctrine of Discovery Bible Reflections, Study Guide and DVD are available to you to do just that! The three separate resources compliment each other so you can easily adapt them for your situation.

"We hope these resources will be useful to individuals and congregations as they dive into this issue. The Doctrine of Discovery originated in the 15th century, but is currently thriving around the world. We hope people will take notice and learn what it is and what they can do to stop it," says Erica Littlewolf, program coordinator for Indigenous Visioning Circle in MCC Central States. 

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