Bengali farmers Biren Mahato and Anzu Rani and their son Choton Mahato stand next to their trichocompost processing area. The compost reduces the reliance on costly fertilizer and increases the yield of their crops.
MCC uses worms, fungus to help Bengali farmers April 13, 2011
Ferdoushi Howlader, MCC Bangladesh job creation project supervisor, walks past the entrance to MCC's research and design facility in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
Moses Barasa, pictured with diabetes educator Sheila Tanui, is one of some 450 diabetic patients benefiting from an MCC-supported project in Webuye, Kenya.
Treating diabetes in Kenya March 22, 2011
Linh Hoai Linh, shown with her mother, Vũ Thị Lương, and father, Trịnh Văn Thà, benefits from nutritious school lunches provided through MCC.
The gift of lunch March 16, 2011
Linda Gehman Peachey and Titus Peachey visited the Plain of Jars in northern Laos where unexploded ordnances and bomb craters pockmark the landscape made famous by huge sandstone jars created by an unknown civilization.
More bomblets to clear, prevent February 23, 2011
A gift that grows February 15, 2011
MCC supports peacebuilding workshops such as this one through the Diocese of Rumbek and other partner organizations.
MCC workers see jubilation and challenges for Sudan February 15, 2011
Halima Farash leads a women's agricultural cooperative near Hebron in the West Bank
Finding hope in Haiti January 12, 2011
Many issues impact speed of building housing in Haiti January 11, 2011
MCC family worldwide embraces Haiti January 11, 2011
MCC supports Congolese ending violence against women December 3, 2010
Sharing God's love and compassion November 23, 2010
Members of sister churches Stirling Mennonite, Kitchener, Ont., and Villas de Granada, Bogotá, Colombia, introduce themselves to each other at the 2009 Mennonite World Conference general assembly in Paraguay. They met every day to share and discuss what they were learning. Facing each other are Margarita Gil, left, of Colombia, and Pastor Marilyn Rudy-Froese of Ontario. To the left of Gil is Pastor Yalile Cabellero of Colombia. To the right of Rudy-Froese is Josie Winterfeld, of Ontario.
Sister churches strengthen ties between believers November 3, 2010
MCC canners are (left to right) Aaron Ressler, Jeffrey Durksen, Ryun Lawrence and George Wieler, Jr.
Volunteers help make MCC canning project successful October 20, 2010