Photo courtesy of Ranikith Siji

Flooding in Kerala State, India, on August 18, 2018.

In partnership with Gilgal Mission Trust (GMT) in India, MCC is providing essential supplies to about 2,500 people displaced by the worst monsoon flooding in a century in the southern state of Kerala.  

The August rains caused flooding and landslides and severely damaging roads, homes and other property. Flooding disrupted the ability of thousands to earn a living. An estimated 500 people died, and while many people are returning home as the waters recede, about 540,000 remain in camps and temporary accommodation.

Access to clean water and food is a challenge, and outbreaks of waterborne diseases are increasing.

MCC is assisting people returning home in Kerala's Palakkad district, primarily focusing on migrant laborers and other vulnerable families. Five hundred households will receive tarps, food baskets, cooking utensils, cleaning and hygiene items.

GMT is a member of the Mennonite Christian Service Fellowship of India and has been an MCC partner since 2011. It also is an international affiliate of Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC), a sponsoring denomination of MCC in the U.S. MCC and CMC are working together to raise money for this project. 

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