Photo provided by Thomas Adlard

Thomas Adlard recently joins the West Coast MCC staff team as Administrative Coordinator.  

West Coast MCC is excited to welcome Thomas Adlard as the new Administrative Coordinator.  Adlard will focus on providing administrative support for the regional center.  In addition, he will serve as an assistant to the West Coast MCC Executive Director, Nate Yoder.  Adlard will work in the MCC regional office in Reedley, CA.  

Adlard grew up in Mount Shasta, CA.  He attended Fresno Pacific University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Islamic Studies. He spent a semester studying and traveling throughout many of the countries in the Middle East.  After graduating, he worked for West Coast MCC for two years as the Material Resource Coordinator.  He then went on to pursue a Master’s degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in International Development and Urban Studies. While finishing up his degree he began working with recently arriving refugees through Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. Adlard focused on capacity building for all of the refugee related programs, and then worked as the job developer for the employment program. He served as the chair of Refugee Reception Agency Committee of Los Angeles and collaborated with other refugee service providers in the area.  “I am excited to be back with West Coast MCC,” said Adlard. “I want utilize what I learned while at Fuller and while working for Catholic Charities of Los Angeles.”  Adlard lives in Fresno with his wife of four years, Kendall.  His email address is