J Ron Byler
MCC U.S. Executive Director

They shall build houses and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit. (Isaiah 65:21)

Through your support, MCC serves alongside churches and partners around the world to help bring Isaiah’s vision to life today.

In this issue, we see how an MCC project with Burkina Faso churches is helping farmers use the leaves of the moringa tree to increase nutrition for their families.

We read about an MCC partner, Ramel Altidort in Desarmes, Haiti, who was inspired by Christ’s life and mission to pledge his life to help youth complete vocational training and find work opportunities.

In the Chocó region in Colombia, where families live amid tensions between the government and illegal armed groups, MCC supports the work of Mennonite Brethren churches to help farmers find legal and sustainable alternatives to growing coca for cocaine.

One of the greatest challenges to this work came last spring, when an anti-drug program of the Colombian and U.S. governments fumigated 70 percent of the project’s rice crop as well as illicit crops grown elsewhere in the area.

In response, MCC U.S. is petitioning our own government to urge the Colombian government to end aerial fumigations and to support productive development projects rather than military intervention.

“If we can help people live better then we’re building peace,” says Jose Rutilio Rivas Dominguez of the Mennonite Brethren churches in Chocó.

With you, we work and pray for a more hopeful future for all people — and celebrate these steps toward Isaiah’s vision.