Whoever serves me must follow me....(John 12:26)

In this issue, you’ll read stories about remarkable young adults. In Libertad, Colombia, Seed participant Lani Pickard worked with Osmery Tejedor and others to rebuild trust after years of armed conflict.

Rorisang Moliko, from Maphutseng, Lesotho, strengthened his faith and his professional skills during his IVEP assignment in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Quinn Brenneke’s SALT assignment in Mexico has prepared him to read the Bible with fresh eyes.

When we talk about MCC’s young adult programs, we often stress the service component as part of our Christian witness. Since 1950, more than 3,800 young adults from 79 countries have spent a year of service in Canada or the U.S. through IVEP, and since 1981, more than 1,200 young adults from Canada or the U.S. have served internationally through SALT.

But it is easy to overlook that MCC’s young adult programs are also about leadership development. About mentorship and learning more each day about what it means to follow Jesus.

“Jesus said follow me and serve others,” says Ricardo Esquivia, Mennonite peace activist in Colombia and founder of MCC partner Sembrandopaz. As we read about young adults listening, learning and building relationships with communities around the world, each of us can also learn about growing in our own faith and about loving God and loving our neighbors.

Thank you for your faithful support of MCC. Together, we are touching communities all over the world and we are preparing young adults and others for lives of service and witness.

Grace and peace to you,
J Ron Byler
MCC U.S. Executive Director

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