J Ron Byler MCC
U.S. Executive Director


“. . . in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

As Christians, we believe God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 to bless the whole world. The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 4 that, as followers of Jesus Christ, this promise is for us as well — through us, all the families of the world will be blessed.

For more than 90 years, MCC has brought together Mennonites and Brethren in Christ in Canada and the U.S. to help to share God’s blessing to the whole world. Today, we join with churches, partner organizations and communities in some 60 countries to work in relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.

In this issue of A Common Place, you will find testimonies of how God’s blessing is being shared.

Explore MCC work in Ukraine helping to care for people living with HIV, or in Cambodia encouraging communities to pool their resources to expand small businesses and begin new ones.

Read about how MCC’s Global Family education program is touching the lives of children in Bolivia, and see how an MCC worker is partnering with teachers in Brethren in Christ schools in Zambia.

I was privileged recently to visit Global Family projects in Kenya, Burundi and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Mutaho, Burundi, MCC’s annual investment of about $25,000 supports 23 teachers and administrators who are teaching almost 500 children from the marginalized Batwa people.

“MCC has done so many things for us and we are not able to adequately express our gratitude,” one teacher told me.

Through MCC, you are part of bringing God’s blessing to the whole world. Thank you for your generosity.