J Ron Byler
MCC U.S. Executive Director


How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? (Psalm 13:1)

In recent months, I visited MCC’s programs in Palestine and Israel, Bosnia and Ukraine, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. There are so many refugees and displaced people in so many places.

It is difficult not to echo the cry of the Psalmist. When, Lord, will you hear your children crying?

And then in my own country I see some respond with hate and fear to the idea of refugees coming to the U.S. We are not only a part of God’s solution, God’s love, for a needy world, but we can be part of the problem as well.

Through MCC you can be a part of showing God’s love to a hurting world by sharing with refugees and displaced people. (Read more about our work with displaced people in the most recent issue of A Common Place.)

In Lebanon, a man told me that his family, despite having a large restaurant in Syria, left all they owned because they wanted their children to be safe.

Much of MCC’s work with uprooted people is helping them stay in their home countries and regions, but we can also help them become U.S. residents and citizens by supporting legal assistance provided through MCC’s national program and regional offices. And we can speak out for fairer, more just immigration laws in our own country through the channels provided by our Washington Office.

Through MCC, we can help ensure that God’s children are not forgotten forever. In the face of fear, scarcity, violence and hatred, we can share God’s hospitality, generosity, peace and love (see a fuller statement at mcc.org/stories/call-generosity-hospitality-peace-love).

Thank you for joining us in showing God’s love.