Celebrate MCC Great Lakes events took place across the region on May 3-11, 2014. The tour included visits with thrift shop volunteers and community groups, as well as presentations in congregations. 

Keynote speakers for the events were Garly Michel, Executive Director for Wozo, an MCC partner in Haiti working with trauma-healing, and Kristen & Wawa Chege, MCC Haiti Policy Analysts and Advocacy Coordinators. They shared first-hand stories from their experiences living and working in Haiti, particularly relating to MCC's response following the 2010 earthquake and trauma-healing. 

Zenebe Abebe, MCC Great Lakes Executive Director, shared information from the past year in the region and thanked the many people who contribute their time and energy to MCC through thrift shops, relief sales, meat canning, material resources and in financial donations. Attendees also learned about the Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) program that works with volunteer groups to address substandard housing in Kentucky and West Virginia. 

We are grateful to the many people who participated in these events throughout Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Thank you for your ongoing support of MCC!