1. Create a contraption. What can you build with recycled materials to hold your coins? People have crafted tall tubes, a giant penny, a windmill with pump, a water trough – the sky’s the limit. 
  2. Inspire competition – challenges between young and old, guys and girls – or even between congregations.
  3. Send in the clowns. They add a light-hearted approach to collecting coins at the Iowa Relief Sale.
  4. Multiply your matches. Having one person in the congregation match a My Coins Count collection on a particular Sunday is great. But what happens if you get five people, or even 10, to match donations?
  5. Pass the hat. How can your church have fun collecting coins in the Sunday service? Have children bring their favorite hats and collect coins in them. You could use mixing bowls to collect coins toward MCC food projects.
  6. Sing the song. Did you know MCC has its own My Coins Count song? Download the music and sing it together.
  7. Celebrate the season. Can you add a seasonal tie to your coin collection, whether adding coins to a fall festival pumpkin or using a colorful spring or summer flowerpot.
  8. Try a tax. Raising money for water through My Coins Count? Invite families to keep track of how often someone turns on the faucet (or uses the toilet) and donate a certain amount for each use.
  9. Designate a denomination. One church in British Columbia started a “Don’t spend a dime” initiative, inviting members to notice and set aside dimes.
  10. Pull in the pastor. Two pastors from Kaufman Mennonite Church in Davidsville, Pa., spent time on their church roof after the men of the congregation lost a competition to raise funds. The additional publicity raised an extra $5,200, taking the small church’s annual coin drive total to $9,400.