Many of us hear on the news about the “crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border” or see photos of migrant families waiting to apply for asylum in the United States. What is behind this crisis? What causes people to leave homes, families and communities that are dear to them in order to seek refuge in the U.S.? And how should the U.S. respond?

Throughout 2020, the MCC U.S. Washington Office is going deeper into these issues, taking a look at the root causes of migration, immigration and asylum policy, and how each of us can be part of working toward safe homes for everyone, and safe refuge for those who need it. 

(Left to right) Mark Adams, Jocabed Gallegos and David Bonilla are coordinators of Frontera de Cristo, a borderlands ministry of the Presbyterian churches in the U.S. and Mexico. Frontera is dedicated to helping migrants, supporting churches and hosting people from the U.S. who want to learn more about migration and its root causes. MCC photo/Ron Byler

What are the root causes of migration?

What drives people to migrate from Central America to the United States? How deep do the "root causes" of migration go?


Read more about how U.S. policy is connected to the root causes of migration from Central America, and how MCC partners are responding.

How you can respond

(From left to right) Jared Díaz, Jael Castro, Karen Marie Valledares Cano and Ismael Valledares Cano develop their plan to promote childhood protection within their home communities and congregations. Pictured at the Manos a la Tierra youth encounter in Siguatepeque, Honduras. MCC photo/Axel Mencía


Write your member of Congress about issues related to migration

Stay informed

Sign up for the Washington office monthly E-memo.


Encourage your congregation to pray for migrants as part of a worship service.


With many Central American families fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries, MCC is providing food, shelter, legal assistance and psychosocial support to vulnerable migrants in Mexico and Guatemala, while also supporting organizations working on root causes throughout Central America. Make a difference!