Thank you for supporting MCC’s ministries this year! The giving options below can be used for vacation Bible school, Sunday school classes and other fundraising. Cost breakdowns and suggested amounts are included, but donations of any size are welcome toward these projects.

Photos are available. Please contact your regional MCC office with requests:

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Children hold hands under a tap of running water. 1. Nicaragua: Water and better health at rural schools   

Join MCC to provide clean water at rural schools in the Bluefields area of Nicaragua where students don’t have a safe water supply. Your gift will help construct new wells at five schools and repair existing water systems at three more schools. With these improvements, students will have the water they need to drink and wash their hands. The wells will also benefit families who live near the schools, improving the health of whole communities!

The average cost of one complete well is $1,400.
$130 provides a carbon water filter for one school.

Please designate your MCC donation to Nicaragua/water.

Three children stand on a path wearing backpacks. 2. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Share with families who are making a new start 

You can help churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo reach out and share God’s love with families who are new in their communities. These families had to flee their hometowns because of violence, and now they need to make a new start. With your donation, the churches can purchase items that school children need.

$9 provides a school uniform and shoes for one child.
Please designate your MCC donation to DR Congo/education.

Three children stand together holding a fish. 3. Cambodia: Gardens, chickens and fishponds  

Your gift will help families in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, boost their nutrition and incomes. Each family receives training and supplies so they can start a household garden and raise chickens and fish. With your support, parents can grow healthy food at home and earn money for expenses like school fees and medical care for their children. These opportunities also prevent family members from needing to migrate to find work.
$100 provides multiple items for a family: vegetable seeds, garden tools, fish fingerlings to stock a new pond, materials to build a chicken shelter and more.
Please designate your MCC donation to Cambodia/food.

Learn more: Fish for the future video
                     Hello from Cambodia video
                     Chickens, fish and veggies video
                     Farmers helping farmers story

Girl smiling in garden 4. Haiti: Help children’s gardens grow  

You can help kids like Osline Pauleus learn about nutrition and gardening by supporting youth clubs in Haiti. “From the club I learned a lot of things, such as how to plant my own garden, natural resource management, about health and hygiene, how to use and develop my talents….  And then after receiving some trainings in the club demonstration garden, I decided to start my own kitchen garden, where I planted okra, peppers, tomatoes, jute leaves, eggplant and spinach,” Osline shared. “Before, I was only able to eat these vegetables once in a while because I would have to buy them at the market, which is far away from my house. But thankfully I can now find all of these vegetables in my own garden.”

For Osline and her friends in the youth club, their bright green gardens are a shining achievement. “My family always talks about how useful this garden is for us … and now my family and I always have vegetables available. I feel happy because I can see that the club activities are really good for the community.”

Any dollar amount helps provide training and supplies for youth gardening clubs.
Please designate your MCC donation to Haiti/food to support this program.

Student and teacher play with blocks at school. 5. Jordan: Learning opportunities for children who are deaf and blind  

You can share God’s love with children living and learning at a unique school in Salt, Jordan, for students who are both deaf and blind. Through lessons with specially trained teachers, the children learn how to communicate through sign language, read braille, do fun exercises and crafts, take care of themselves and much more. Their family members also learn how to best support and care for them.

$30 (or any amount) helps to cover costs of classroom materials and teacher training for the deafblind program in Jordan.
Please designate your MCC donation to Jordan/education

Learn more: Tactile signing video
                    Meet Asma! Video

Children at school smile while holding up MCC school kits. 6. Collect kits (or cash for kits) for people in need around the world  

Looking for a hands-on project that makes a difference? Join MCC to share with families facing crisis because of natural disasters or violence. MCC kits offer many ways to share God’s love and care, reminding people that their needs are not forgotten.

You can choose to put together school kits, hygiene kits, relief kits or other items as specified here:
Plan to deliver the kits to one of these locations:

Or you can choose to collect money to contribute toward items and shipping costs for MCC kits. Here are approximate dollar values for several types of kits:
$3 provides items for one hygiene kit.
$6 provides items for one school kit.
$30 provides items for one relief kit.

If collecting money, please designate your MCC donation to Cash for kits.

Learn more: Journey of a kit video

Thank you for being a part of MCC!