Published online every two months, the UN Office Global Briefing speaks to a global audience of readers at the intersection of critical global challenges and the global church.


September 2021

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In this issue:

  • Decolonizing relief: a biblical approach
  • What Archbishop Romero of El Salvador teaches us about public courage
  • Stories of hope at the Korea divide
  • Why poetry and activism need one another
July 2021

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In this issue:

  • The Lord’s prayer as political engagement
  • Why peacemaking must not ignore China
  • Digital literacy: an urgent moral calling
  • The roots of vaccine inequality
  • 2021 global student seminar announced: "Climate change, Conflict, and Peacebuilding"
May 2021

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In this issue:

  • Scholar Emmanuel Katongole on why politics needs lament
  • MCC U.S. leader Ann Graber Hershberger: Not forgetting our first language as faith-based agencies
  • Author Q&A with Mennonite World Conference General Secretary César García: “What is God’s Kingdom and What Does Citizenship Look like?”
  • Wrestling with the roots of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
  • Myanmar military rule: Unprecedented resistance, weak international action
  • Listen to a Harlem choir in New York City rejoice again
March 2021

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In this issue:

  • Interview: Theologian Stanley Hauerwas on the pandemic, United Nations, and Church
  • “Beyond the Vaccine” by Vinoth Ramachandra
  • Author Q&A: How world Christianity challenges U.S. evangelicalism
  • The danger of “information disorder”: lessons from the U.S. Capitol attack, Rwanda, and South Korea
  • Action: Myanmar, Ethiopia, Syria, vaccine equality
  • A prayer remembering El Salvador’s Archbishop Romero
January 2021, Special Focus: A Better Kind of Politics

Read the full January 2021 Global Briefing here

In this issue:

  • Divided politics and the politics of Jesus
  • From symptoms to root causes, from interests to ethics: a call to the church
  • Students energized by 2020 UN student seminar on global inequality
  • Recommended reading: vaccine equality, winning the global disinformation war, and being “neighbors without borders”
  • Beethoven and peace
August 2020, Special Focus: Global Inequalities

Read the full August 2020 Global Briefing here

In this issue:

  • The challenge of a global pigmentocracy
  • The inequality pandemic: where is moral leadership?
  • Interview: do spirituality and advocacy mix?
  • Alerts, actions, events
  • Deep breath moment
May 2020, Special Report: COVID-19, the UN, and the Global Church

Read the full May 2020 Newsletter here

In this issue:

  • The nations and a pandemic time of crisis, kairos and call
  • Perspective from the global church
  • Staff report from U.S. epicenter in New York City
  • Alerts, actions, events
  • Deep breath moment