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In greatest need

Step By Step Learning Centre

In the Tanzanian education system, there is little accommodation for children with severe disabilities. The Step by Step Learning Centre is trying to change that by offering individualized education for fifteen of these children. Your support helps with the operational costs of the school.

Location: Arusha Region, Tanzania
Partner: Step by Step Learning Centre

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Kisumu Peace Education

Schools in Kisumu can be sites of violence. Our local partner is working to create a culture of peace, beginning with teachers. Your support provides training for teachers in restorative discipline, confronting gender discrimination, and conflict resolution.

Location: Kisumu County, Kenya
Partner: Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI)

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LPS Teacher Training

The Latin Patriarchate School system in Jordan consists of 25 schools, 900 teachers and 10,000 mostly low-income students. These schools provide a precious space for students of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds to learn together and build healthy relationships. Your support provides professional development for teachers to improve the quality of instruction and develop students’ successful participation, critical thinking, self-esteem and positive leadership.

Location:  Various locations in Jordan
Partner:  Latin Patriarchate Schools

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Anafora Second Chance

When children drop out of school early due to poverty, abuse, or the need to earn money for their family, returning to school becomes challenging and unlikely. This project provides an academic summer program for 50 boys each year to help them successfully transition back into school. Your support helps to cover costs of academic classes, mentoring, and follow up during the school year.

Location:  Anafora, Egypt
Partner:  Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of El-Qosseya

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Mutarule Education

In 2014 citizens of Mutarule suffered a massacre as a result of ethnic tension. In 2015 many survivors who had fled returned to their communities, and schools reopened. Your gift helps the schools provide primary education for 150 children affected by this tragedy. It also supports school-based peace clubs where students, teachers and parents learn to promote peace between the different ethnic groups living in Mutarule.

Location:  Mutarule, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Partner: Church of Christ in Congo (ECC-MERU)

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Career training

Juja Education

Violence in Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan continues to displace people into Kenya. Orphaned and abandoned children are especially vulnerable. Your gift provides refuge and education for these children. Emmanuel Centre supports children through primary, secondary and vocational schools until they can support themselves and potentially return to their home countries.

Location: Juja Gahororo, Kenya
Partner: Emmanuel Centre


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Vocational Training Programme

Unemployment in eastern India hovers around 9%. Over three years your support will give vocational training to more than 700 underprivileged students. Trainings emphasize vocational skills with local applications such as teaching, welding, driving, carpentry and nursing. Sixty percent of students find quality employment within six months of completion. 

Location: Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal Provinces, India
Partner: MCC India

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Mwana Nshuti

Mwana Nshuti

Mwana Nshuti (Child My Friend) builds peaceful communities by empowering vulnerable youth. Your support gives young people--especially girls--technical training in sewing, hairdressing or mechanics, as well as English, Swahili, business skills, social studies and trauma healing. It also supports graduate student co-operatives and sponsors a few students in secondary school.

Locations: Kicukiru and Bugesera Districts, Rwanda
Partner: Friends Peace House

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New Tomorrows

In Bolivian prisons, children sometimes live with their incarcerated parents. Although they have freedom to attend school, they are often exposed to drugs and violence. Your gift provides three meals a day, school support and a psychologist for children living in two Cochabamba prisons, and in a marginal neighborhood nearby. It also gives university scholarships and career training to young adults. Additional information available on request.

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Partner: Organización Bautista de Desarrollo Social (OBADES)

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Yalve Sanga

More than a dozen different indigenous groups live in Paraguay’s arid Chaco region. Most do not have schools beyond grade 6. At Yalve Sanga, Chaco Mennonite colonies operate a boarding school for 20 indigenous communities. Your support helps parents cover the full cost of their children’s education, including tuition, housing and study materials. Education for girls is especially encouraged.

Location: the Chaco, Paraguay
Partner: Asociación de Servicios de Cooperación Indígena-Menonita (ASCIM)

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Vocational Training Program

In Morang District, eastern Nepal, many youth have a basic education but lack practical skills for local employment. Most work in seasonal factory or agriculture jobs, or migrate to nearby India. BICWS offers scholarships for courses in tailoring and repair of computers, motorcycles and mobile phones. Your support gives young people the confidence to stay in their communities and provide for their families.

Location: Bhatigach and Majhare VDC, Morang District, Nepal
Partner: Brethren In Community Welfare Society (BICWS)

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Caritas University Loans

Caritas University Loans

Almost two-thirds of Jordan's population is less than 25 years old. Ten percent are refugees from Palestine, Iraq and Syria. The country has high rates of inflation, unemployment and poverty. Caritas Jordan provides low-cost university loans to financially challenged students. Your gift supplements funds that are raised locally.

Location: Amman, Jordan
Partner: Caritas Jordan

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Le Pelican

The Hazara ethnic group has been marginalized for centuries. Le Pelican helps the poorest of the poor living in the Dashti-Barchi section of Kabul. Your gift provides nourishing meals, recreation and classes (including English) for grades 1 to 8, as well as apprenticeships for youth, vocational and literacy training for young women and special classes for children with disabilities.

Location: Dashti-Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan
Partner: Le Pelican

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Career Training

Mozambique suffered a bloody civil war from 1977 to 1992. The agricultural area around Muxunguè faced some of the heaviest fighting. Now many young people cannot support themselves by farming. Your support pays for carpentry and sewing classes. With practical skills young people start small businesses and earn enough money for necessities.

Location: Muxunguè, Mozambique
Partner: Association of the United Church of Christ Members for Social Development (AMICUMO)

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Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

In Burkina Faso it is common for extended family to take in children who are vulnerable or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately many host families cannot afford additional children. With your support Song Kibse helps families in Pô with school fees, clothing and medication, and offers a stipend to its volunteers.

Location: Pô, Burkina Faso
Partner: Song-Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

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University Students

University Students

Inflation and unemployment are very high in Nicaragua. Good jobs require higher education, but university costs are out of reach for many students. Your gift provides scholarships through three Nicaraguan Mennonite conferences. Students give back to their communities through weekly internships in their field of study.

Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Partner: councils of the Anabaptist/Mennonite Churches of Nicaragua

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Sewing and Tailoring Vocational Training

Sewing and Tailoring Vocational Training

In Mesang District, Prey Veng Province, nearly everyone farms rice. But because of a land shortage, 19% of the population has to migrate to find work. Most of the migrants are women. Your gift provides sewing teachers and materials to students at three high schools. When young people gain sewing and tailoring skills, they can find jobs without leaving their families.

Location: Mesang District, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia
Partner: Organization to Develop Our Villages (ODOV)

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Building Knowledge Together

In Gitega Province nearly everyone farms, but there is not enough land to support every household. This problem especially affects orphans and families crippled by HIV/AIDS. Your support gives rural youth the opportunity to learn carpentry, masonry or tailoring through local apprenticeships. It also provides AIDS education.

Location: Bukirasazi and Mutaho, Gitega Province, Burundi
Partner: Union Chrétienne pour la Paix et le Développement (UCPD)

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Early childhood education

Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA

Rural communities in Honduras often lack adequate schools, teachers, books and materials. The Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church runs 10 preschools, eight basic education centers and three tutoring centers in 12 communities near San Pedro Sula. Your support trains educators, provides teaching materials, mentors parents and gives scholarships to more than 130 high school students.

Location: Cortez and Yoro Departments, Honduras
Partner: Proyecto MAMA (Mujeres Amigas Miles Apart)

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Remember the Poorest

Dire poverty plagues many of Ethiopia’s urban centers. In Adama (Nazret), half of school-aged children do not attend school. Remember the Poorest runs the city’s only kindergarten that does not charge admission fees. Your contribution also provides tutoring, educational materials, home visits and teacher training that benefits more than 250 students from low-income families.

Location: Adama (Nazret), Ethiopia
Partner: Remember the Poorest Community

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Anna Hofer Education

In Ethiopia’s Tigrai region, many children who have lost parents to AIDS are raised by extended family members. Anna Hofer ensures that these families can send their children to school by providing food, clothing, medical expenses and a small savings account for each child. Your support also helps guardians—especially single mothers—start small businesses.

Location: Mekelle, Ethiopia
Partner: Anna Hofer Child & Family Support Organization (AHCFSO)

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Preschool Education

Preschool Education

Indigenous Muong and Dao people have been displaced by a new national forest. Now they are learning an entirely new way of life, including education. When local preschools provide nutritious meals, health and school attendance both improve. Your support constructs kitchens, provides classroom equipment and offers trainings for parents and teachers in six remote villages of Tân Sơn District, Phú Thọ Province.

Location: Tân Sơn District, Phú Thọ Province, Vietnam
Partners: Department of Education and Tân Sơn People’s Committee

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Kids’ House

Kids’ House

Violence has displaced thousands of families in Iraq. For displaced children, school provides stability as well as education. In the Kurdish city of Erbil, the Chaldean Catholic Sisters of the Sacred Heart run a preschool and kindergarten for 200 children. Students of any religion and ethnicity are accepted. Your gift provides supplies, pays teacher salaries and buys fuel for their power supply.

Location: Erbil, Iraq
Partner: Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Rights for Children's Lives

Growing up as a child living with disabilities in Ukraine often means growing up with very limited education or social life. A group of Ukrainian parents known as Rights for Children’s Lives (RCL) has teamed up with a group of specialists to expand possibilities for young children with disabilities. Your contribution helps to cover costs of their preschool and provides integration support for children ages 6-8 who transition from the preschool into primary school. 

Partner:  Rights for Children’s Lives
Location:  Zaporozhye, Ukraine

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Emanuel Daycare/PROED

In poor neighborhoods of Asunción, families live in marginal housing and are exposed to drugs, crime and promiscuity. Single mothers especially struggle to provide for their children. Emanuel Daycare Center and PROED School give new opportunities to more than 300 at-risk students, from preschool through secondary school. Your gift pays teachers, buys supplies and provides support for single mothers.

Location: Asunción, Paraguay
Partner: Servicio Voluntario Menonita Paraguay (SERVOME)

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Children Care Centre

Durban has many poor families. When quality child care is not affordable, parents may leave children home alone or not be able to work. Your support for Children Care Centre gives young children a head start through affordable education and care. Friendships that grow between poor South African and refugee families counter the xenophobia present in South Africa.

Location: Durban, South Africa
Partner: Union of Refugee Women


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What Did She Say?

Bengali is the national language used in schools in Bangladesh. But the country is also home to more than 45 indigenous language groups. Sixty percent of the children from those groups drop out of primary school, often because of language problems. Your gift supports preschools that slowly introduce Bengali over a one or two-year period, while also affirming indigenous culture and customs.

Location: multiple locations in northern Bangladesh
Partner: various agencies, including the Church of Bangladesh


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Guardería Samuelito

Guardería Samuelito is the only organization caring for young children in the Cochabamba neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Many parents there struggle to provide for their children, and young people often turn to crime. Your support provides tuition, teacher’s salaries, meals and educational resources for 80 children so their parents can find work and provide a stable home.Additional information available on request.

Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Partner: Iglesia Evangelica Menonita Boliviana

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Anglican Church Education

Anglican Church Education

Census data suggest that nearly 20% of Mozambique’s population is under 5 years old. The Anglican Church is preparing 5,000 of these children for school through 40 preschools in 15 communities across rural Manica and Sofala Provinces. Your support funds meals, school supplies and teacher training, with attention to nutrition, peacemaking, honoring local culture and reducing early marriages.

Location: Manica and Sofala Provinces, Mozambique
Partner: Anglican Communion of Mozambique

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Kindergarten for Syrian Refugees

Kindergarten for Syrian Refugees

Lebanon is home to more than 400,000 Syrian refugee children. Only a quarter are able to attend school. Traumatized by violence and torn from their homes, they struggle to succeed. Your support provides three levels of kindergarten for 4, 5 and 6-year-old refugees from Syria and Palestine. It also gives staff training in peace education.

Location: Daouk, Beirut, Lebanon
Partner: Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)

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