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Bread for Success

The Meadowgreen neighbourhood of Saskatoon is home to newcomers to Canada and indigenous people, and has been historically underserved. Through an after-school program called Bread for Success, your support provides homework assistance, career exploration, cooking lessons and gardening projects for young people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Partner: MCC Saskatchewan

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Gee Gush Koon (You Can Do It)

Kashechewan First Nation is a small, fly-in Indigenous community in remote Northeast Ontario, Canada. A third of the 300 students who attend St. Andrew's School there have disabilities or are considered “at risk.” Your support helps pay for an educational support worker to walk alongside these students and help them achieve their educational goals.

Location: Kashechewan First Nation, Ontario, Canada
Partner: St. Andrew's School

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Kingdom Builders Network

Many underfunded schools in Philadelphia cannot afford sports, arts or after-school tutoring. Three Christian ministries in ethnically diverse neighborhoods offer out-of-school programs that provide tutoring, mentorship and creative play for children, kindergarten to grade 12. Your gift encourages literacy, STEM education, peacemaking, critical thinking and the arts.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Partners: Kingdom Builders Network

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Burkina Faso

Education for Hope

Education for Hope

“We do not believe that it is the will of God that his marvelous creation be brought down by the moral and social decay that is caused by poverty,” say the organizers of Education for Hope. Your support covers educational costs, serves lunch and provides social skills training for HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Burkina Faso’s capital city.  

Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Partner: ABIEL Association

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Seed of Hope

Seed of Hope

Ouagadougou has the highest rate of HIV in a country ransacked by AIDS. Children who lose parents to AIDS—or who have AIDS—have dramatically worse chances of attending school. Seed of Hope brings hope to children torn by the AIDS pandemic. Your support pays for school, food and medical costs, and the salary of a program coordinator.

Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Partner: Action SIDA des Assembles de Dieu (ASAD)

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Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

In Burkina Faso it is common for extended family to take in children who are vulnerable or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately many host families cannot afford additional children. With your support Song Kibse helps families in Pô with school fees, clothing and medication, and offers a stipend to its volunteers.

Location: Pô, Burkina Faso
Partner: Song-Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

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Building Knowledge Together

In Gitega Province nearly everyone farms, but there is not enough land to support every household. This problem especially affects orphans and families crippled by HIV/AIDS. Your support gives rural youth the opportunity to learn carpentry, masonry or tailoring through local apprenticeships. It also provides AIDS education.

Location: Bukirasazi and Mutaho, Gitega Province, Burundi
Partner: Union Chrétienne pour la Paix et le Développement (UCPD)

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Hope School

Twa people (Batwa) often have been mistreated in Burundi. Many Twa children grow up believing they are inferior. Hope School of Nyangungu was created by Batwa for Batwa and other vulnerable children. It integrates Twa, Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups among students and teachers. Your contribution pays teacher salaries and training and provides school supplies and furniture.

Location: Mutaho, Burundi
Partner: Union Chrétienne pour l'Éducation et le Développement des Déshérités (UCEDD)

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Village Altonodji

Village Altonodji

War and AIDS have left thousands of children vulnerable around Moundou, Chad. Village Altonodji serves 300 of these children. It offers kindergarten through high school with nine dormitories and a bakery, library, chapel and sewing workshop on site. Your gift trains student leaders and staff and provides school supplies, food and uniforms for students.

Location: Moundou, Chad
Partner: Société pour L’Enfanceet le Développement au Tchad (SCPEDT)

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North Kanem School

Villagers in North Kanem worked together to construct a three-room school house by hand. The school opened in 2014 and is the first in the area to offer education in local children's native language. Your gift provides classroom supplies, uniforms and lunches for students, and professional development for teachers.

Location:  Teriturenne, North Kanem, Chad
Partner:  Association for the Promotion of Education

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Displaced Children

Displaced Children

War has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the Kivu region. Children in displaced families often cannot attend school and are at risk of exploitation, delinquency and substance abuse. Your gift protects children living in two internally displaced persons (IDP) camps near Lake Kivu by paying fees and providing supplies for them to attend local schools.

Location: Shasha and Mubimbi IDP camps, DR Congo
Partner: Church of Christ of Congo (ECC-MERU)

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Mutarule Education

In 2014 citizens of Mutarule suffered a massacre as a result of ethnic tension. In 2015 many survivors who had fled returned to their communities, and schools reopened. Your gift helps the schools provide primary education for 150 children affected by this tragedy. It also supports school-based peace clubs where students, teachers and parents learn to promote peace between the different ethnic groups living in Mutarule.

Location:  Mutarule, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Partner: Church of Christ in Congo (ECC-MERU)

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Beza Education Support

Thousands of people have moved to Entoto Mountain, on the north edge of Addis Ababa, for healing from HIV/AIDS. Many end up without health care, reliable employment or access to education. Your gift provides educational materials, homework assistance, life skills training, computer training and group and individual counseling for 200 children affected by HIV/AIDS. Some are HIV positive.

Location: Entoto Mountain, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Partner: Beza Community Development Association

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Remember the Poorest

Dire poverty plagues many of Ethiopia’s urban centers. In Adama (Nazret), half of school-aged children do not attend school. Remember the Poorest runs the city’s only kindergarten that does not charge admission fees. Your contribution also provides tutoring, educational materials, home visits and teacher training that benefits more than 250 students from low-income families.

Location: Adama (Nazret), Ethiopia
Partner: Remember the Poorest Community

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Anna Hofer Education

In Ethiopia’s Tigrai region, many children who have lost parents to AIDS are raised by extended family members. Anna Hofer ensures that these families can send their children to school by providing food, clothing, medical expenses and a small savings account for each child. Your support also helps guardians—especially single mothers—start small businesses.

Location: Mekelle, Ethiopia
Partner: Anna Hofer Child & Family Support Organization (AHCFSO)

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Juja Education

Violence in Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan continues to displace people into Kenya. Orphaned and abandoned children are especially vulnerable. Your gift provides refuge and education for these children. Emmanuel Centre supports children through primary, secondary and vocational schools until they can support themselves and potentially return to their home countries.

Location: Juja Gahororo, Kenya
Partner: Emmanuel Centre


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Learning Ways

Many Kenyan teachers face overcrowded classrooms, inadequate supplies and students who are homeless, orphaned by AIDS or exposed to drugs, crime and the sex trade. Learning Ways provides professional development and educational materials for teachers to meet these challenges. Your gift benefits students in five schools, both urban and rural.

Location: multiple communities
Partner: MCC Kenya

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Kisumu Peace Education

Schools in Kisumu can be sites of violence. Our local partner is working to create a culture of peace, beginning with teachers. Your support provides training for teachers in restorative discipline, confronting gender discrimination, and conflict resolution.

Location: Kisumu County, Kenya
Partner: Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI)

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Menno Kids Academy

Half a million people live in Mathare North, a poor district in Nairobi. Single mothers struggle to support their children with short-term jobs like washing clothes or collecting garbage. Most children live hand to mouth. Education gives families a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your gift supports 460 students from preschool to grade 8 by providing books, food, sanitation and teacher stipends.

Location: Mathare North, Nairobi, Kenya
Partner: Menno Kids Academy

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Mukuru Mennonite Academy

Embakasi, Nairobi, is crowded and prone to flooding. Roads are poorly constructed. There are water and power shortages. But the Embakasi community is strong. Residents host trainings, organize clean-up days and support Mukuru Mennonite Academy for children who otherwise couldn’t afford school. Your donation funds teacher training and stipends, school renovations and nutritious meals for students.

Location: Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya
Partner: Embakasi Mennonite Church

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Starlight Academy

In 2009 teacher Rhoda Silu began providing child care so mothers could sell goods at the Kola market. Today Starlight Academy educates more than 160 children from age 2 through grade 5. School fees are waived for a fifth of the students if they cannot pay. Your gift supports teacher salaries, continuing education for staff and efforts to involve parents in their children’s education.

Location: Kola, Machakos County, Kenya
Partner: Starlight Academy

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Anglican Church Education

Anglican Church Education

Census data suggest that nearly 20% of Mozambique’s population is under 5 years old. The Anglican Church is preparing 5,000 of these children for school through 40 preschools in 15 communities across rural Manica and Sofala Provinces. Your support funds meals, school supplies and teacher training, with attention to nutrition, peacemaking, honoring local culture and reducing early marriages.

Location: Manica and Sofala Provinces, Mozambique
Partner: Anglican Communion of Mozambique

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Career Training

Mozambique suffered a bloody civil war from 1977 to 1992. The agricultural area around Muxunguè faced some of the heaviest fighting. Now many young people cannot support themselves by farming. Your support pays for carpentry and sewing classes. With practical skills young people start small businesses and earn enough money for necessities.

Location: Muxunguè, Mozambique
Partner: Association of the United Church of Christ Members for Social Development (AMICUMO)

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Machanga Girls Education

There are few secondary schools in southern Sofala Province. Cost, distance, transportation and social constraints prevent many girls from attending. In 2002 the United Church of Christ built a girls’ dormitory at Machanga Secondary School. Your support helps to cover tuition, school supplies and nutritious meals for 40 girls from rural communities who live there.

Location: Machanga, Mozambique
Partner: United Church of Christ

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Changing Hearts for Peace

Changing Hearts for Peace

Plateau State once lived up to its slogan, “Centre of Peace and Tourism.” Now bullying is rife in schools, and parents encourage children to avenge family injustices. Emergency Preparedness Response Teams (EPRT) are forming 50 peace clubs in secondary schools across the state. Your gift supports a project manager and assistant and produces training materials to turn the tide of violence.

Location: Plateau State, Nigeria
Partner: Emergency Preparedness Response Teams (EPRT)

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