Beginning in 2017 we will be making changes to how we report on our education work. Learn more about what will be changing, what’s staying the same and the reasons why. 

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Some questions people often ask about Global Family are:

What does community-based education mean?

Community-based education means that instead of our staff deciding how to improve education in other countries, we ask the people who live there what will be the most helpful. This makes our programs more effective. 

It also means that we support a whole school or education program instead of individual children.

Why does Global Family use community-based education?

There are a few reasons including:

  • Cost: Connecting individual students to supporters takes money and time. By reducing administrative time, we are able to put more of your money toward education.
  • Quality: By investing in teacher training, classroom supplies, school meals or library books, Global Family improves education for every child in the program. Instead of only helping students go to school, we make sure they receive high-quality education once they get there.​
  • Sustainability: Community-based education is a long-term solution. Getting local principals, teachers and families involved means the whole school system will change, not just individual students. Those changes will benefit the community for years to come.
  • Impact: Community-based education benefits more children than individual sponsorships.

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