Beginning in 2017 we will be making changes to how we report on our education work. Learn more about what will be changing, what’s staying the same and the reasons why. 

Global Family is an MCC program that supports education around the world. When you support a Global Family program, your money helps the whole community, not just one child.

Global Family programs are community based, which means local schools and community leaders determine their education priorities, and we supply resources and support.

For example:

  • In Cambodia Global Family helps provide meals at school so children can focus on learning instead of hunger.
  • In Kenya Global Family helps train teachers to improve the quality of education.
  • In Syria Global Family teaches craft skills to adults with disabilities so they can make a living.
  • In Colombia Global Family teaches students about peace, helping them change patterns of violence in their communities.

We believe that when children learn, communities benefit and lives change.

We also believe it’s important to connect donors with our programs so that you can learn more about the world and the difference an education can make.

Learn more about how Global Family works, read about the communities who benefit, or browse the many places where your donations support education.