Food shortage, environmental disaster, climate change, poverty and conflict push people to move. Land, resources, jobs, family, health and education pull people to move. People move voluntarily, after weighing the pros and cons. People move involuntarily, forced by violence, human trafficking and ethnic cleansing. 

In the Bible, the people of God were called to remember their story of migration and to safeguard the well-being of the widows, the orphans and foreigners among them. Through this exhibit, which is in English and Spanish, you can experience the human stories of migration and be encouraged to further learning and advocacy. It can be paired with other MCC resources — from a petition or other advocacy calls to a Sunday school series on immigration.

Details: 12 free-standing, easy-to-roll-out banners that can be set up in a variety of configurations, depending on the space available. Each panel is 31.5 inches wide and 78 inches tall.

Groups may reserve the display by emailing or contacting MCC U.S. at (717) 859-1151. Groups pay shipping and handling plus a $50 rental fee.

The exhibit is available in either English/Spanish or English/French versions.

Groups can encourage participants to advocate for more humane immigration policies by using a petition or other materials at the MCC Washington Office web site.  Following the exhibit, churches can do a Sunday School series on immigration, using the MCC U.S. resource, Loving Strangers as Ourselves (español). 


Central States

Immigration Educational Program, Brownsville, TX.

The Immigration Education Coordinator (IEC), Ana Alicia Hinojosa, is responsible for leading the work of MCC Central States within the program area of immigration education. This includes facilitating educational workshops in Texas that are geared toward Latino/a populations. She works with constituency churches, other faith-based organizations, and agencies doing similar work. The IEC networks with the MCC’s Borderlands partners, participates in MCC’s immigration network, and works with local partners and groups to build accountability.    

Response to immigrant needs in the Rio Grande Valley & Partners:


Below are the organizations, that MCC Central States is in relationship and/or partnership with in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, responding to the basic needs of families


Angry Tias & Abuelas of RGV:

MCC is a partner with The Angry Tias & Abuelas, whose mission is to advocate for dignity and justice for individuals released by Border Patrol or from ICE detention and delivered to bus depots or shelters in the Rio Grande Valley.  In partnership with MCC our aim is to assure their basic health and safety needs are met.

Good Neighbor Settlement House (Brownsville, TX):

Good Neighbor offers respite care for refugees released locally by US immigration authorities to pursue their asylum cases in the United States. Refugees get help with travel logistics, local transportation, and communicating with their families. We provide snacks, hygiene kits, appropriate clothing, showers, home cooked meals, and a place to sleep overnight if needed.

Loaves and Fishes (Harlingen, TX):

Loaves and Fishes provides meals to 100’s of migrants daily and has limited space for shelter to families before providing transportation to bus stations and/or airports.

Catholic Charities Respite Center (McAllen, TX):

Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley operates the Valley Humanitarian Respite Center.  The center provides a place for 1000’s of men, women, children, and infant refugees to rest, have a warm meal, shower and change into clean clothing.  Refugees also receive medicine and other supplies, before continuing their journey.

City of Brownsville – Office of Management and Emergency Response: 

MCC and the South Texas Response Team is in relationship with the City of Brownsville as they respond to 100’s of individuals and families that are dropped off at the bus stations by government officials and/or shelters that are on their way to be united with family or friends in the U.S. People are provided with snacks, backpacks, and translation services to guide them to the correct bus and route to continue their journey.

East Coast

Urge Congress to support asylum seekers


In Florida and New York City, MCC East Coast provides immigration services to members of Anabaptist churches at minimal fees. Throughout the East Coast region, MCC staff are also available to provide education and resources for congregations interested in raising awareness about immigration related issues. With the supervision of immigration attorneys, immigration counselors assist church members with:

  • naturalization
  • family petitions
  • adjustment of status
  • replacement or renewal of green cards and work permits

The MCC East Coast immigration program also offers educational opportunities. In New York City, counselors hold immigration education clinics several times per year. In Florida, counselors visit area congregations to educate members about immigration-related issues.

In both locations, counselors meet with clients by appointment only. Please contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

In south Florida, contact: or (305) 249-3477

In New York, contact: or (347) 608-1925

Great Lakes

MCC is finding ways to welcome our neighbors in northern Indiana and Chicago.

  • MCC staff member Krista Dutt serves as an immigration court watcher through the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants in Chicago.
  • MCC’s newest partnership is with the National Immigration Justice Center (NIJC), an organization out of Chicago providing comprehensive legal services to low-income immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 
  • MCC has also given a one-time grant to LaCasa in Goshen to help with educational classes for people studying to obtain their citizenship.
  • MCC has been leading immigration learning tours from Great Lakes to the U.S.-Mexico border since 2014 with seven groups participating so far. 
  • MCC offers sponsorships for Great Lakes constituents to attend the immigration law training held several times a year at the MCC U.S. headquarters in Akron, Pa. 
  • There have also been several internships for students in the Goshen office.

For information about having MCC staff speak to your congregation or group, contact Kelly Shenk Koontz, MCC Great Lakes Program Director at or 574.742.2639.

West Coast

West Coast MCC’s Immigration initiative contributes to the flourishing of immigrant populations affiliated with constituent churches by providing immigration documentation services; educating congregations about immigration issues; and engaging in witness to the state about injustices inherent in US immigration policies. Given its limited resources, WCMCC focuses on providing education and documentation services to constituent churches in the region whose members and their families face the realities of US immigration law on a daily basis.  By providing documentation services and education WCMCC enables individuals and families to live full lives as residents, fully aware of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Building upon its experience in providing direct services, WCMCC engages in advocacy at the local and national level concerning the injustices within US immigration policy. WCMCC’s message to public officials is grounded in the reality experienced by immigrants and immigrant families across the region.  WCMCC brings the voice of immigrant congregations to policy makers and calls upon them to develop and enforce laws in ways that respect the dignity of immigrant


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