Progress in the fight against HIV is happening. Fewer mothers living with HIV are passing the virus to their unborn and newborn children. Greater access to antiretroviral medications mean that children, teens and adults who have HIV live longer and stronger than ever before. Yet more must be done. Therefore, MCC continues to work with churches, schools and community groups who have a heart for people threatened by the disease.

Prevention and education
Prevention is key to stopping the spread of HIV. Adults and youth spread prevention messages to those who live around them. HIV education also decreases the stigma and discrimination that many living with HIV still face in their communities. Nutritious food, water and hygiene are essential for preventing illness and building a healthy immune system.  

Care and support
Testing, counseling and treatment are just a few of the vital services provided by MCC partners. They also help the most vulnerable people start and succeed in small business and agriculture so they can support their families. Support groups are a significant source of community and hope for people living with HIV.