Central States

Recycling is a big part of what happens in the Warehouse at the MCC Center in North Newton, KS. Annually, we recycle thousands of tons of used clothing, shoes and bags. The recyclables we collect are excess or unsellable items from area thrift shops near Newton, KS.  Volunteers work hard to sort and bale the items. Plans are being made to expand the recycling program to include paper materials, too.

To reduce the amount of resources used to care for the grounds outside our the MCC Center in North Newton we eliminated a large area of Fescue lawn with a big patch of natural prairie. In doing so, we reduced the amount of water used each week (during the summer months) as well as the time and energy required to mow such a big area. In the spring, the prairie gets cut down to allow new growth to start. Each year there are more flowers and the number of birds, butterflies and bees increase too! 

Thanks to the generosity of a donor, we have our first set of solar panels on the roof of the MCC Center in North Newton. 

We're leading by example, showing ways that everyone can care for creation.