East Coast

MCC East Coast works with several partner organizations on education and advocacy efforts related to the racial disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Kingdom Builders Construction, part of the Kingdom Builders Anabaptist Network of Greater Philadelphia, organizes repair and rehab of church buildings as well as homes for elderly and low-income church members. The organization also trains and provides employment opportunities for underemployed people in Philadelphia, especially ex-offenders.

Crossroads Community Center’s mission is to evangelize, disciple and demonstrate the gospel in word and deed to the people of the Fairhill community in northern Philadelphia and beyond. Here, MCC specifically works in holistic re-entry care and support addressing employment, housing, education and discipleship needs for returning citizens or those leaving incarceration. Working in Philadelphia Detention Centers, an MCC supported chaplain holds Bible studies, organizes worship services and counsels inmates and staff.

Prisoner care kits were created by MCC East Coast to help meet the basic human needs of current and former prisoners. For more information, click here.

West Coast

West Coast MCC’s restorative justice initiative contributes to the development of more peaceful, just and healthy communities in Fresno County. WCMCC does this by restoring relationships between victims and (primarily) juvenile offenders, preventing offenders from committing further crimes, and by promoting community involvement through a restorative justice method. Working with and through the Reedley Police Department, we connect community-based groups, service providers and public institutions such as schools, to educate people about resources and to support them to bring change to their communities. We also provide direct mediation services as needed. In addition to connecting people with the resources they need to build a more peaceful community, WCMCC also facilitates learning that enable people to take over training processes of their own.

To learn more about Reedley Peace Building Initiate, visit http://rpbi-reedley.org/​