MCC works with partner organizations, churches and individuals, encouraging and teaching them how to prevent violence and to transform conflict into peace.

Some examples of our work include:

Nigeria: Interfaith teams of peacebuilders and mediators work together throughout Plateau State, jumping into conflict situations either to resolve differences or to contain the conflict that is often charged with religion or ethnicity.

Indonesia: An interfaith peace project intentionally brings together people of different faiths, including Indonesian Mennonites, to break down communication barriers and stereotypes. These relationships have contributed to a reduction in violence and significantly increased interfaith cooperation in the city of Solo.

Lebanon: At the end of a peacebuilding workshop, youth leaders of all the political parties in Lebanon signed a document agreeing not to use violence to advance their parties’ agendas. This agreement is especially pertinent as Lebanon reacts to armed conflict in neighboring Syria.

Colombia: Colombian Anabaptist and Protestant churches and related organizations are working toward a long-term reconciliation between armed groups and their victims.