We believe that despite all the bad things going on and all the evil, our world is still so beautiful and still has so (much) good in it. People feel that goodness when they receive all the help that came from outside Syria because they feel there are people out there who are actually thinking about them.

- Church worker in Syria

Six years after the violence in Syria started, families are still displaced from their homes and struggling to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, work and education. Please help MCC continue to share compassion as we help families with very practical needs. 

What  can I do?

  1. Donate money.
  2. Collect relief kits and hygiene kits.
  3. Urge your legislators to work to end the war in Syria and to support more humanitarian aid.
  4. Pray for peace in Syria and Iraq and for all those who have been affected or displaced by the conflict. 
  5. Share the need with others at your church, organization or group. Contact your regional MCC office for a speaker or resources.

You can see the happiness in their eyes ... because it (the item) came with love. That’s the most important thing.

- Syrian church worker

Make a difference