The vision for justice, for relief, for empowering the poor, standing with the marginalized – what more beautiful message could there be? This is the message that Jesus brought to our world: to be with the poor, the oppressed, to love everybody. You (at MCC) are carrying his message.”

- Rosangela Jarjour, Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches

In this time of war, churches in Syria continue to minister to those who are least able to buy food, water, heating fuel or housing. In Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, MCC's partners also help displaced people with basic needs, trauma healing and vocational training.

How can I be part of this mission?

  1. Donate money.
  2. Collect relief kits and hygiene kits.
  3. Urge your legislators to work to end the war in Syria and to support more humanitarian aid.
  4. Pray for peace in Syria and Iraq and for all those who have been affected or displaced by the conflict. 

“In the midst of suffering, faith does not disappear. “MCC’s aid helps strengthen the churches to be able to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities during this time of war and loss."

- Doug Enns, MCC representative

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