Safe Home, Safe Refuge

What causes people to leave homes, families and communities that are dear to them in order to seek refuge in the U.S.? And how should the U.S. respond?

Join the MCC National Peace & Justice Ministries as we dive deep into these issues. Learn more about the root causes of migration, immigration and asylum policy, and how each of us can be part of working toward safe homes for everyone, and safe refuge for those who need it.


In order to do our work of relief, development and peace, it’s important that MCC addresses policies that contribute to poverty and injustice. Advocacy is how we do that.

Our advocacy work is rooted in the understanding that we are called by God to be a voice with and for the poor, oppressed and marginalized. We take our inspiration from the biblical witness of Moses, Esther, John the Baptist, the prophets and Jesus himself.