Exhibit: The meaning of life

This exhibit, produced through the MCC U.S. restorative justice program, is based on the book Doing Life: Reflections of Men and Women Serving Life Sentences by Howard Zehr.

Through black and white portraits and quotations, this exhibit offers a look into the faces of men and women serving life sentences in Pennsylvania and a taste of their voices and thoughts.

Exhibit: When a parent is in prison

Through stark portraits and children’s own powerful words, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the lives of some of the more than three million children with a parent in prison.

As Nell Bernstein, author of the book All Alone in the World, has stated, “These children have committed no crime, but the price they are forced to pay is steep. They forfeit too much of what matters to them: their homes, their safety, their public status and private self-image, their primary source of comfort and affection. Their lives are profoundly affected.”

Exhibit: People on the move

Food shortage, environmental disaster, climate change, poverty and conflict push people to move. Land, resources, jobs, family, health and education pull people to move. People move voluntarily, after weighing the pros and cons. People move involuntarily, forced by violence, human trafficking and ethnic cleansing.