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New Hope

As we celebrate what you have helped us do over the past century, we want to expand the ways we give to those displaced by conflict and disaster.


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Legacy giving

Explore the ways you can leave your legacy and provide hope for future generations. MCC staff can help provide you with options to ensure your values and priorities are met.




MCC has a rich history of storytelling. For our centennial year, we’ve curated a collection of our 100 best stories. You also have the chance to share your own!


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Get involved with everything that's happening in 2020 to celebrate our 100th year! Engage with your local events, like creating a comforter for those in need. 


The Great Winter Warm-Up


Are you among the 20,000 people who have served with MCC since it was formed? If so, we hope you feel like you are coming home as you explore this page. Whether you served internationally or in Canada or the U.S., we invite you to stay in touch with MCC and with other alumni: