In our work of relief, development and peace, we work with many inspiring partners in 55 countries around the world. To learn more about our partners and programs download our 2014-2015 annual report. Here are just a few highlights from the 2014-2015 fiscal year: 

  • 251,362 people benefited from emergency or supplementary food assistance.
  • 874,021 pounds of MCC canned meat was provided to 10 countries.
  • 1,924,738 trees planted.
  • 75,835 people took part in agricultural trainings.
  • 2,219 kitchen or community gardens started
  • 32,144 people received heaters and/or heating fuel for cold weather
  • 3,737 households connected to an improved water source.
  • 10,503 people took part in employment skills trainings.
  • 200,229 people benefited from health or HIV information sessions
  • 44,580 students participated in MCC-supported education programs.
  • 5,169 young people took part in peace clubs.
  • 13,551 people gained skills in conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Annual report 2015 for MCC in the U.S. – Sharing God's love and compassion