Kimball, West Virginia

Our Kimball location provides accommodations in the beautiful Houston United Methodist Church. Kimball is in McDowell County, an area where many have suffered severe economic and personal hardship with the transformation of the mining industry and with two major floods in recent years.

It is fulfilling to know that the homes that volunteers are improving will provide safe, warm & dry homes for people who deal with their difficult situations. Working at the Kimball location gives volunteers an intensive week of insight into the place we call Appalachia.


Harlan, Kentucky

The Harlan Forestry Camp is the base for SWAP home repair ministry in Harlan County. Formerly a minimum-security prison, this facility has been made available for the SWAP program’s use by the County in recognition for the work to improve housing conditions for local residents. Volunteers come from the US and Canada to share God’s love in real and tangible ways.

Each day the work crews travel to homeowner sites in the valleys below for home repair. The goal is to make homes: Safe! Warm! Dry! So, many projects involve new roofs, repairing flooring, building porches with steps or ramps, and more. A member of our SWAP staff will accompany you to your worksites.

The camp can accommodate groups up to 55 in number from spring through fall. In addition a small efficiency apartment plus a guest room are available for couples, or for a family, who wishes to serve during spring or fall months.