Kimball, West Virginia

Our McDowell County, WV, location provides accommodations for volunteers at the Houston United Methodist Church, located in the town of Kimball. The town of Kimball is rich in history and the SWAP site rests on the Henrietta Dismukes Hospital and Nurses Home, the largest privately owned African American Hospital for its time.

McDowell County is an area where many have suffered severe economic and personal hardship with the transformation of the mining industry and with two major floods in recent years. McDowell County is listed in the top 5 poorest counties in the United States of America.


Elkhorn City, Kentucky

brick building on mountain with lots of trees in the background

Our Pike County, KY, location provides accommodations for volunteers at Elkhorn Community Church, located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in a town called Elkhorn City. The location includes a basketball court, playground, outdoor seating, and spacious areas for other activities. It is located within 10 miles from the Breaks Interstate Park.

Pike County has been named by the Appalachian Regional Commission as being an economically distressed county. With a major flood occurring on July 28, 2022, Pike County is struggling to rebound.