Contact MCC Appalachia SWAP at 606-634-4418 or email us at for any questions you may have.

What is SWAP?

SWAP is a home repair program that uses the efforts of volunteers to address sub-standard housing in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

Sharing with Appalachian People (SWAP)

SWAP provides service opportunities repairing homes for low-income families and learning to know people in the Appalachian region.

SWAP is Sharing With Appalachian People

A service and learning program of MCC Great Lakes, SWAP provides volunteer opportunities for school, university, church, other groups, families, and individuals.

Participants should be 15 years or older, however you can call the office for further details about younger participants. Most groups are at the SWAP sites from Monday evening through Saturday morning. 

SWAP experiences are available on request during non summer months and are great options for retirees. 

They show love and compassion for the people they work with. When they left I missed them"

Homeowner Donald Honeycut 

What will you do?

You will be provided with Orientation Materials which include group activities focused on working in another culture, viewing service as relationship building and an opportunity for mutual learning, Bible study, and prayer. 

I came here thinking I would change the lives of people I met. Instead, they changed mine!

Janelle Stoll

Youth Volunteer from Zion Mennonite Church 

What will SWAP do?

SWAP provides food and lodging once participants are on site. SWAP pre-selects all clients and work projects, providing building materials to complete the project. In most cases, SWAP will provide the necessary tools for volunteer jobs.

SWAP staff will facilitate evening worship and study sessions. Evening sessions may include presenters from the local community, a locally-hosted dinner, or a local cultural/music event.

What will it cost?

A typical SWAP week runs from Monday thru Saturday and costs $375 (USD) per person. The costs covers three meals a day, lodging and materials for homeowners who cannot afford the costs of their home repairs. 

The price is adjusted for groups coming for shorter or longer periods. (Call for specific pricing.)

Payment arrangements are expected to be made within 2 weeks of submitting application. The SWAP office will send the group leader the payment arrangement agreement that must be signed and returned within 3 business days.

How is SWAP making adjustments for COVID-19?

MCC Appalachia’s SWAP program is required to follow applicable local, state and national public health guidance related to COVID-19 and will require the same of staff and volunteers during their period of service.

SWAP Group Application

MCC Appalachia Office
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Appalachia Program Director
MCC Appalachia Office
PO Box 406
Elkhorn City, KY 41522
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