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Who can participate?

MCC Summer Service Program partners with constituent churches or organizations that:

  • work with young adults of color
  • show a commitment to peacebuilding, social justice and nonviolence
  • approach their work through an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens
  • have creative proposals that encourage leadership development, leadership capacity building and sense of service in young adults of color
  • focus on community engagement and community building

MCC Summer Service Program works with young adults of color who:

  • are between the ages of 18-30 and preferably enrolled in higher education (non-pastors)
  • are active participants in a Christian church and are committed to Christian faith
  • show commitment to peacebuilding, social justice and nonviolence
  • have not already participated in the program for 2 years

Is this program available for people who live outside the US?

No. Summer Service only takes place in all 4 regions of MCC US. If you live in Canada, check out Summer Bridge. If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, check out IVEP or YAMEN.

Does my church or organization qualify?

Summer service partners with constituent congregations or related organizations of MCC. The program works with churches and agencies that have a holistic approach to community building and have creative proposals that encourage in strengthening leadership capabilities in young adult of color. MCC prioritizes Summer Service opportunities as they relate to peace, social justice and community development.

How do finances work?

MCC partners with the church or organization to provide a grant for the Summer Service worker. The compensation for a 10-week program is $4,400 and is shared between MCC and the church or organization partner. $3,300 (75%) is covered by MCC and $1,100 (25%) is covered by the church or organization. MCC is open to conversation with partners who are not able to contribute their full amount. Partners should advise their workers that taxes will be taken from their wages. More info on tax requirements available in English and Spanish.

How does the program work?

To learn more about Summer Service for participants and churches or organizations download the handbook in English (PDF) or in Spanish (PDF). 

What kind of work do I do during the Summer Service Program?

Anything from working at a summer peace camp or an urban garden to serving as a pastoral intern or an immigration or health educator – whatever fits with the vision or dream of your church!

What’s in it for me?

You improve your leadership skills with the help of a mentor. You serve God and your local community. Earn money and build your resume all at the same time.

How can I apply?

Ask your church or a local community organization to submit a project proposal. You will complete a Summer Service application. You can get the proposal and the application here, or by emailing summerservice@mcc.org.