Interested in applying to Summer Service Program? Here's the process-

1. Submit a Proposal and Summer Service Worker Application

The sponsoring church or organization needs to submit a proposal ​(En Español), which outlines the project, community impact, supervisory support; along with the young adult application (En Español). The church or organization is responsible for selecting the young adult.

Proposals and young adult applications must be submitted together by March 31.

Here are some examples of successful proposals.

2. Church selection and follow-up discussions

Churches/organizations and young adult applicants will be notified regarding acceptance by the end of April. MCC will conduct follow up discussions, if needed, to finalize any details of program or answer any questions.

3.    Orientations

 In May, the Summer Service National Coordinator will hold Supervisor orientation for all program partners. Summer Service workers are also required to attend orientations that will take place in their region in June.