Summer Service Program

The Summer Service Program nurtures and equips young adults of color for leadership through service in the name of Christ.
The summer service program is a ten-week program for young adults of color in the U.S. that runs from June to August. The program encourages and strengthens leadership capabilities within young adults while nurturing a commitment to community engagement.
The program seeks to:
  • affirm the resources, wisdom and strengths of churches and communities of color,
  • inspire young adults of color in their development of leadership skills while cultivating a commitment toward Christian service and community engagement,
  • foster opportunities for spiritual growth and appreciation of Anabaptist values,
  • promote a theology of service that is connected to social justice and peacebuilding in one's local community.
We are guided by these principles:
  • We are a leadership development and capacity-building program for young adults of color.
  • We believe in churches and community building.
  • We believe in the resources, wisdom, and strength of churches and communities of color.
  • We work with churches and agencies that have a holistic approach to community building within communities of color.
  • We prioritize Summer Service projects as they relate to peace, social justice and community development.
  • We approach all of our work through an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens.
  • We affirm adult mentoring through program supervision.

During this 10-week program, young adults will serve their local church or community filling a variety of positions. This could include working at a summer peace camp or an urban garden, to serving as a pastoral intern or a refugee and immigration educator—whatever fits with the vision of the local church, community, or organization.

The participants will attend a five-day national leadership conference at the beginning of the term, and a three-day regional end of term debrief gathering (may vary depending on the region).

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