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1. Complete and submit the application form

Apply online

We begin to accept applications each fall for the next SALT cohort that begins the following August. To be guaranteed consideration for a cohort, please submit your application by February 15th of the same calendar year. However, we will continue to accept applications from qualified individuals after this date. As we begin the placement process in January of each year, it's better to get your application in early to increase your chances of being offered an assignment. The SALT placement process closes around May.

Apply online to submit your application to MCC.

Once we receive your application we’ll send you a confirmation and tell you the next steps in the process.

2. Make sure your references submit the forms

After receiving your application we send your references a form to fill out using the contact details you provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that references respond to our questions promptly — we will not begin the placement process until all of your references are received.

3. Confirming your eligibility

We will send you a confirmation once we receive all your references and determine if you are eligible for the program. Then the SALT coordinator will contact you to discuss possible assignment options.

4. Placement determination

We send a summary of your application to MCC staff in countries where you could be placed; they may have follow-up questions or request a Skype interview. Then our staff share your information with the local partner organization you could be serving with. Our partner decides which applicant it is interested in, and then we contact you to make the offer.

5. Decision

After offering you a position, we give you five business days to prayerfully discern with your friends and family whether to accept the invitation. If you decline an assignment we cannot guarantee you will receive another.


If you have any questions about the application process or are unsure where to send your application, please contact MCC.