The Mennonite Quilt Center is located in Reedley, California. It is a fabric store and quilt gallery, but more importantly, it is a community of volunteers working together for world relief. 

The MQC is owned and operated by West Coast MCC. Each purchase at the MQC benefit MCC’s work of relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.

The MQC offers fabric, quilting and sewing notions, as well as handmade quilts, comforters and handmade recycled rugs. 

An active community of volunteers makes the MQC a great place to use your skills and talents to make an impact around the world. Volunteers staff the quilt store, weave rugs and hand quilt, among other activities. To get involved in the work of MCC around the world, call the MQC today or click here.   

Reedley, California
1012 G Street
Reedley, CA 93654
United States