Hosts are a very important part of the IVEP experience – they’re the way participants get involved in their new communities. We’re looking for people who make sure IVEP participants feel welcome and get to try lots of new experiences.

We also need hosts who are open to learning about a new culture from the IVEP participant they host. Hosts get to understand their own culture in a new way when they see it through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the first time.

If you want to host an IVEP participant, just email and we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities.

To learn more about hosting, download the IVEP host and partner agency manual.

Hosting an IVEPer

One family's experience hosting an IVEP participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the host requirements?

All hosts must be:

  • Active in their church community
  • Open to learning from others
  • Willing to share their lives with the IVEP participant
  • Intentional about checking in with the IVEP participant, just like you would with your own family members.

There is no “ideal” host – some are young families, some are middle-aged and some are retired. Hosts develop their own unique relationships with IVEP participants.

Is the IVEP participant a tenant or part of the family?

We hope that the IVEP participant will become part of the family, not just a tenant or boarder. We ask that you include the IVEP participant in your life just like a family member. Go together to local attractions, sports events, cultural activities, fairs or community events.

When does the IVEP year begin and end?

The IVEP year begins in mid-August and runs until mid-July the following year.

Do you provide any support to the IVEP participant while they live with us?

During the year IVEP participants attend three, weeklong meetings with MCC: orientation, mid-year conference and year-end conference.

In Canada, provincial and national coordinators support IVEP participants  by planning regular events and keeping in contact with hosts and partner agencies. In the U.S., IVEP participants are supported by regional and national coordinators.

Do we receive compensation for hosting an IVEP participant?

Each host gets a monthly stipend that is to be used to cover some of the costs for the room and board of the IVEP participant. The amount varies depending on your location. Please contact if you have questions about this.