The Executive Director of MCC East Coast is responsible to the MCC East Coast board. The director promotes and encourages support of MCC; provides vision and leadership to MCC program and operations in the region; strengthens mutually supportive relationships between MCC and its Anabaptist constituencies in the East Coast region (including Mennonite, Brethren in Christ, United Zion and Amish). This full-time position requires considerable cooperation and coordination with MCC/MCC US departments and the other regional MCCs including through the MCCs in the U.S. Covenant.

Travel time ranges from 20% or 30%, primarily in the region, higher if living distant from a Pennsylvania EC office.

This is a dynamic and challenging position. The ED must have the confidence and ability to lead and mentor in a variety of roles from managing social justice programs, overseeing immigration assistance programs, running large-scale material resources centers/distribution system, major donor fundraising, and more. In addition to directing diverse staff across a multi-state region that includes Puerto Rico, the ED also has a leadership role in the larger MCC organization which consists of other MCC entities (including in Canada).

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
Start date: 
Monday, February 28, 2022
Philadelphia PA
United States