Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Coordinator - Iraq


This is a three-year service worker position designed for a single person, a married couple, or family, who will support MCC’s PMER work in Iraq. Opportunities for spouse include livelihood advisor, peacebuilding/trauma support advisor, or English teaching.

SALT/YAMEN: Program Assistant – Women Development Programme


The SALT/YAMENer will support the Women Development Programme (WDP) by assisting the East Jerusalem YMCA (EJ-YMCA) in their monitoring, reporting, and fundraising efforts.  The participant will also be involved with several ongoing EJ-YMCA projects and initiatives to develop and empower youth and

SALT: Refugee Caseworker – StARS

Cairo, Egypt

This SALTer will serve with St Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) helping to provide direct services to refugees, including through information, advice and support to refugee clients, either on a one-to-one basis, or in groups.

MCC Representative for Egypt


The Egypt Representative(s) are responsible for the management and vision of the MCC Egypt program, now over 50 years old. MCC Egypt partners with Coptic Orthodox, Coptic Evangelical and Anglican Churches and their service agencies.