YAMEN: English Assistant – Americas Unidas Secondary School

Cali, Colombia

The YAMENer will live in the city of Cali, in the Valle and Cauca region of Colombia accompanying the work of the Mennonite Brethren Regional Council and its social ministry through supporting a Mennonite Brethren secondary school in strengthening its English and Exchange programs  

SALT/YAMEN: Donor Relations Capacity Building Assistant – FOPJ

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with FOPJ, a non-profit primary school that provides high quality educational opportunities to extremely disadvantaged, vulnerable children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school.

Promotor/a Social de procesos de participación e incidencia

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Transformemos Honduras (TH) is an alliance, of non-governmental organizations and Christians concerned about the needs and problems of the country -- working and seeking the guidance and will of God to transform Honduras.

MCC Human Resources Specialist for Latin America and Caribbean

Managua, Nicaragua

The MCC LACA HR Specialist will work in very close coordination with MCC Human Resources departments in Canada and the United States and MCC leadership in LACA to help hire, train and support personnel for the seven MCC program offices in the region.  These offices are located in Mexico, Haiti, G

SALT & YAMEN: Education & Library Assistant – Cultural Center

Managua, Nicaragua

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at Cultural Center Generando Vida (Generating Life), accompanying youth and children who access the library for their school work, helping to reinforce reading and writing abilities and research skills.  

SALT/YAMEN: Community Library Assistant – CCBN

Managua, Nicaragua

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at Cultural Center Batahola Norte (CCBN) helping in the administration of the library as well as performing specific activities that reinforce reading culture amongst children, teenagers, and others that the CCBN serves.  

SALT/YAMEN: Agroecology Worker – ANADES

San Julian, Sonsonate, El Salvador

The SALT/YAMENer will serve in the sustainability program at the San Jorge Farm through ANADES (New Dawn Association of El Salvador), a grassroots community organization that works in areas of preventative health, education, economic empowerment, advocacy, and gender equality.

SALT/YAMEN: Assistant Teacher – ANADES

Mejicanos, San Ramon, San Salvador, Morazán, El Salvador

The SALT/YAMENer will serve in a childcare center preparing and developing formational activities in peace education, as well as facilitating educational reinforcement for local children in the childcare center as part of ANADES.

SALT/YAMEN: Child Care Worker – El Jordán

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The El Jordán Support and Orientation Center is a support center for women who have been on the streets, abusing drugs, or caught in a cycle of poor lifestyle choices, but who want to change their lives.  As women learn practical skills and study the Bible, El Jordán also provides a space for edu

SALT/YAMEN: Childcare & Office Assistant – Talita Cumi

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with Talita Cumi Children's Home, a residence facility for at-risk, orphaned, or abandoned children.

SALT/YAMEN: Classroom & Health Assistant – Guardería Samuelito

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at Guardería Samuelito (Samuelito Daycare), focusing on classroom support through the daily care for children, tasks related to health, hygiene, and nutrition, as well as other administrative tasks.

SALT/YAMEN: Communications Capacity Building Assistant – MCC Hait

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with MCC Haiti to assist local partner organizations with communications projects and content.

SALT/YAMEN: Community & Human Development Assistant – ANADESA

Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with ANADESA, to help promote peace-building, education, empowerment, and recreational and environmental activities among the children, youth, and women in Panabaj, Tzanchaj, and Chukmuk.

SALT/YAMEN: Community Program Assistant – Podcasts for Peace

Managua, Nicaragua

The SALT/YAMENer will assist Podcasts for Peace by tutoring and developing activities for children and youth that visit the organization.

SALT/YAMEN: Educational Assistant – Stansberry Ministries

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with Stansberry Children’s Home, a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. The participant will assist children in primary school (1st – 6th grade) with their homework, as well as provide assistance to the house parents.