SALT/YAMEN: Peacebuilding & Interfaith Program Assistant – Indome

Central Java, Indonesia

The SALT/YAMENer will be directly working with Indomenno teams and Indomenno partners to help develop peacebuilding and interfaith programs, engage in cultural learning and actively participate in the life of the community in Central Java, Indonesia.

SALT/YAMEN: Café Assistant & Peace Educator – Peace Building

Namyangju, Republic of Korea (South)

The SALT/YAMENer will engage in life and work with Peace Building Community, helping with coffee-making and baking at Circle Coffee and Bakery, co-teaching one class at Peace Building School, and also making efforts to build a sense of community among those who live and/or work in the organizatio

SALT/YAMEN: Child Care & Admin. Assistant – BAWCSW

Barrackpore, West Bengal India

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural and Social Welfare Organization (BAWCSW) that provides a safe home for at-risk children & the elderly as well as livelihood skill development and teaching peacebuilding skills to women.

SALT/YAMEN: Childcare & Office Assistant – SROUT

Korba, Chhattisgarh, India

The SALT/YAMENer will serve alongside Social Revival Group of Urban Rural and Tribal (SROUT), assisting with an Early Childhood Development project.

SALT/YAMEN: Early Childhood Teacher & Social Work Assistant

Nairobi, Kenya

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at St Mary's and Monica children home to assist in giving life skills to the children. There is also a need for teaching relevant topics like self-esteem, creative works e.g. card making, painting etc. at the nursery school.

SALT/YAMEN: English & Peace Program Facilitator – Indomenno

Central Java, Indonesia

The SALT/YAMENer will help teach English at a University, Seminary, or High School, helping to develop the language learning program for the youth and church.

SALT/YAMEN: English Teacher – Coptic Orthodox Seminary

Cairo, Egypt

The SALT/YAMENer will serve at the Orthodox Seminary teaching conversational English and reading and writing for beginner level students as well as some teaching of English in an after-school program for children and youth.

SALT/YAMEN: Finance & Office Administrator – BICC

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The SALT/YAMENer will assist with the day-to-day running of the Brethren in Christ Church (BICC) District Office, providing administrative support for various ministries, facilitating networking opportunities, and assisting with capacity building of the local church committee members.

SALT/YAMEN: Health Project Support Worker – WBVHA-NB

Siliguri, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

The SALT/YAMENer will serve alongside West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA) with their projects for those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. There may be opportunities to be involved in other WBVHA projects as well.

SALT/YAMEN: IT Intern – Young and Powerful Initiative

Kasese, Western Uganda

The SALT/YAMENer will serve with Young and Powerful Initiative (YAPI), and organization that primary focuses on HIV and STD prevention as well as seeking to improve young people’s reproductive health.

SALT/YAMEN: Marketing & Publicity Coordinator – TCZ

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The SALT/YAMENer will assist the Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) in communications and marketing the college both overseas and locally.

SALT/YAMEN: Migration Communications & Advocacy Promoter- CASM

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The SALT/YAMENer will serve alongside Mennonite Social Action Commission (CASM) and with MCC Honduras communications.

SALT/YAMEN: Peace Libraries Assistant – TLC

Kigali, Rwanda

The SALT/YAMENer in this position will serve at the Children’s Peace Libraries of the Transformational Leadership Center assisting the librarians to promote both a culture of peace and a culture of reading. 

SALT/YAMEN: PME Capacity Builder – MCC Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The SALT/YAMENer will assist MCC Burkina Faso (MCCBF) to strengthen the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) capacity of our partners organizations by increasing their understanding of project evaluation and report analysis.

SALT/YAMEN: Pre-School English Teacher – RPC

Adama/Nazeret, Ethiopia

The SALT/YAMENer will be seconded to the Remember the Poorest Community (RPC) where they will help teach basic English skills to pre-kindergarten children as well as provide assistance to the teachers at RPC.