The MCC Chad Representative oversees MCC's work with Chadian partners, programs, and personnel. Chad's challenging climate and entrenched poverty call for a Representative with unusual dedication and creativity, to enable MCC to support local partners' programs in the areas of Peacebuilding, work with displaced people, Education, and Agriculture. The Representative selects and supports MCC personnel, both local and international, to carry out MCC's mission in this vast and challenging country.

The Representative will oversee all aspects of the MCC Chad program. This includes strategic planning, budgeting, supporting national staff and expatriate volunteers, overseeing partnership relationships/grants, providing technical and PMER (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting) support, and maintaining key relationships and networks. 

The MCC Chad office, based in N'Djamena, functions bilingually in French and English. Email communications and meetings with partners and local staff in Chad are in French. Reporting and communication to the Area Director and with the MCC offices in the US and Canada are in English. 

An MCC Rep role may be filled with a married couple sharing the role, with a single person, or with a married candidate who’s spouse is not interested in a Rep role, in which case MCC would discuss possible roles for the spouse. 

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
5 years
Start date: 
Thursday, July 1, 2021