The regional Executive Director is responsible to the West Coast MCC Board of Directors and works under the guidance of the MCC U.S. Executive Director and the MCCs in the U.S. Covenant. The director is responsible for promoting and encouraging support of MCC; for giving leadership and vision to MCC programs within the region; and for strengthening relationships between MCC and MCC's sponsoring denominations represented with the Region's constituency. The position requires considerable cooperation and coordination with many MCC/MCC U.S. departments. The director participates in discussions involving MCC policy, structure and vision.

Travel is required, at times extensively, but primarily within the region and to the Akron, Pennsylvania office for administrative meetings. Travel away from home averages about 50 to 60 nights away from home per year.

The current West Coast MCC staff includes thirteen other persons in addition to the director. These include staff involved in Reedley office work, resource development, material resources, and programs. The regional director’s job is noteworthy for the variety it entails. The position envelops a rainbow of contacts including fellow MCC staff, board, diverse constituents and community people. The position includes involvement in everything from fundraising to program development to informal conversations to policy discussions.

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Full time
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Monday, November 9, 2020
Reedley, CA
Reedley, CA
United States