The Connecting Peoples (Learning Tours) Coordinator will support the MCC Guatemala and El Salvador (MCC G&ES) Representatives in administrating the various programs that involve exchanges between people and cultures. MCC views this Connecting Peoples work as a key component of peace-building and advocacy. The Coordinator's work will consist of communicating with, receiving, and facilitating Learning Tours (LTs) and other visitors who are interested in learning about and supporting the program and partners, as well as helping build bridges between local cultures, partners and churches within the two countries and the region as a whole. 

The CP-LT coordinator will also provide support for the regional Anabaptist seminary, SEMILLA, in their development of Learning Tours and theological reflection for groups. 

The person who fills this position will also provide general administrative support for the MCC office located in Guatemala City. The position relies heavily on organizational, logistic, administration, translation, computer and interpersonal/intercultural skills, and would be supervised by the Guatemala/El Salvador Representatives. Due to high amounts of travel throughout the year, this position would be challenging for a couple, especially those with young children.

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
2-3 years
Start date: 
Friday, June 1, 2018
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guatemala City