Each year since 1946, MCC has sent out a mobile meat canner, which MCC workers and volunteers use to preserve hundreds of thousands of cans of meat for communities in need across the globe. Canner operators travel with the meat canner to 34 different locations across the US and Canada, canning beef, turkey, and pork, Canners are responsible for all aspects of the project including: operating steam and pressure vessels, coordinating volunteers, maintaining and communicating USDA regulations, and the maintenance of all machinery in the canning process. Lifelong relationships are forged, opening new doors for life after canning.
MCC prefers to place 2 Canners per year.  The Canning Team is comprised of four individuals, typically 2 in their first year and 2 in their second.  

Due to the travel demands for Canners, MCC requires that Canners be single.

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Akron, PA
Akron, PA
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